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  1. Individual differences in second language listening: Examining the role of knowledge, metacognitive awareness, memory, and attention

  2. Young infants are highly sensitive to different speech sounds and start to learn some of them while still in the womb

  3. Taking your turn in dialogues: Speaking too soon or too late can change how fluency is perceived

  4. Foreign-accented speakers are perceived negatively because they are strangers and because they can be hard to understand

  5. A new method of teaching second language pronunciation with homework activities

  6. Gesture may have a memory enhancing effect in the teaching of sounds in a second language

  7. The importance of including internal short vowel diacritics for the learning of Arabic as a foreign/second language

  8. Monitoring of reading comprehension across L1, L2, and L3: Domain-general or language-specific? Maybe both!

  9. Aspectual contrasts in the English present tense revisited: Exploring the role of input and L1 influence

  10. Whether second-language learners’ listening while viewing captioned video content is affected by their modality preference (visual vs. auditory) and working memory capacity