Learning collocations from different reading modes

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Vu, D.V. & Peters, E. (2021). Incidental learning of collocations from meaningful input: a longitudinal study into three reading modes and factors that affect learning. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 0(0), 0-0. doi: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0272263121000462
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Vu, D.V. & Peters, E.
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15 September 2021
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Lexis (vocabulary)
  • Collocation
Type of instruction
reading-only vs. reading-while-listening vs. reading with textual enhancement
Amount of instruction
9 weeks

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Vu, D.V. & Peters, E. (2021). Learning collocations from different reading modes. OASIS Summary of Vu, D.V. & Peters, E. (2021) in Studies in Second Language Acquisition. https://oasis-database.org/concern/summaries/m039k5314?locale=en

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