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Doughty, C. (1991). Second language instruction does make a difference: Evidence from an empirical study of SL relativization. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 13(4), 431-469. doi:
Writer of summary
Upload date
21 November 2018
Language summary written in
Language being learned
Age of learners

Proficiency of learners
Gender of learners
Length of residence of learners
1-15 months
Time spent using the L2
limited L2 use outside of the classroom
Context of language use
Country / region
Subnational region
Educational stage
Institutional characteristics

Feature being learned
Type of instruction
form-focused instruction
Amount of instruction
10 sessions distributed over 10 days

Sippel (2018). The benefits of second language instruction. OASIS Summary of Doughty, C. (1991) in Studies in Second Language Acquisition.