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(Updated Jan 2023)

OASIS summaries are one-page descriptions of research articles on language learning, language teaching, and multilingualism that have been published in peer-reviewed journals listed on the Social Science Citation Index or the Arts and Humanities Citation Index. The summaries provide information about the study’s goals, how it was conducted, and what was found, and are written in non-technical language. Where relevant, they also highlight findings that may be of particular interest to language educators, although the initiative is not solely aimed at research with immediate practical implications. The summaries are generally approved, and often (co-)written, by the author(s) of the original journal article.


Why accessible summaries

OASIS aims to make research into language learning and teaching openly available and easily accessible to anyone who might be interested for professional or other reasons, because 1) research shows these findings do not reach stakeholders easily; and 2) research shows that academic publications are increasingly more difficult to read and understand for people outside the field. By establishing a culture of systematic production and dissemination of non-technical, open summaries, research is made available and accessible not only physically, but also conceptually to people outside academia.



We are seeking feedback on this initiative. Please send questions/comments/ideas about the format of the summaries or any information you have about similar initiatives to:


OASIS project team

Emma Marsden (University of York; project lead)

Cylcia Bolibaugh (University of York; project co-lead)

Inge Alferink (University of York)

Sible Andringa (University of Amsterdam)

Laura Collins (Concordia University)

Carrie Jackson (Penn State University)

Rowena Kasprowicz (University of Reading)

David O’Reilly (University of York)

Luke Plonsky  (Northern Arizona University)


Network Collaborators

Marta Antón

Catherine van Beuningen

Claudine Bowyer-Crane

Heidi Byrnes

Aline Godfroid

Suzanne Graham

Bimali Indrarathne

Heather Marsden

Kevin McManus

Florence Myles

Junlan Pan

Daniel Perrin

Charlene Polio

Andrea Revesz

Lieselotte Sippel

Natasha Tokowicz

Tessa Warren


Past researchers & writers

Volha Arkhipenka

Elizabeth Bailey

Hsin-Ying Chen

Ines Martin

Lisa-Maria Müller

Lais de Oliveira Borges

June Ruivivar

Fatma Said

Angela Tellier

Sophie Thompson

James Wagstaffe


Professional associations

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: ACTFL (Ali Moeller)

Association for Language Learning: ALL (Anna Lise Gordon)

Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée (International Association of Applied Linguistics): AILA (Daniel Perrin)

British Association for Applied Linguistics: BAAL (Dawn Knight)

British Council (Steve Copeland)

Bilingualism Matters (Antonella Sorace)

Center for Applied Linguistics: CAL (Joel Gomez)

Committee for Linguistics in Education: CLiE (Gee Macrory)

Document Summary Service: DSS (Helen Aberdeen) and the Bristol Guide

International Federation of Foreign Language Teacher Associations: FIPLV (Terry Lamb)

National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum: NALDIC (Hamish Chalmers)

National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy: (NCELP) (Emma Marsden & Rachel Hawkes)

Tenax Schools Trust (Ian Bauckham)

Research in Primary Languages: RiPL (Florence Myles and Angela Tellier)


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We gratefully acknowledge funding from an Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Award and the Higher Education Impact Fund, via the University of York, UK, a British Academy grant to fund a journal editors’ workshop in Chicago, March 28th 2018, as well as additional funding from the Department of Education and Research England.

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